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Who’s who

S.No.TitleDesignationWork AllottedEmail AddressPhone
1Shri Sarbananda SonowalimageHon'ble Cabinet MinisterMinistry of Ayush
Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways.
2Shri Rocktim Saikia
PS to Cabinet MinisterMinistry of Ayushrocktim[dot]saikia[at]gov[dot]in011-24651955
3Shri Kuldeep GayanAddl. PS to Cabinet MinisterMinistry of Ayush011-24651955
4Shri Rohit SharmaAsst. PS to Cabinet MinisterMinistry of Ayush011-24651955
5Shri Ashish Kumar TiwariAssistant Private Secretary to Cabinet MinisterMinistry of Ayush011-24651955
6Shri Deepak Bhainsora1st PA to Cabinet MinisterMinistry of Ayush
7Shri D. K. Gautam2nd PA to Cabinet MinisterMinistry of Ayush
8Shri Shubham KumarL.PA to Cabinet MinisterMinistry of Ayushshubham.kumar1597@gov.in
9Dr. Munjpara Mahendrabhai KalubhaiimageHon’ble Minister of StateMinistry of Ayush and Ministry of Women & Child Development.mahendra[dot]munjpara[at]sansad[dot]nic[dot]in,

10Amrutesh K. AurangabadkarPS to Minister of StateMinistry of Ayush amrutesh[dot]a[at]ias[dot]nic[dot]in 011-20819423/24/25
Shri Bikash ChutiaAddl. PS to Minister of StateMinistry of Ayush011-2081945
12Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha
SecretaryMinistry of Ayushsecy-ayush[at]nic[dot]in011-24651950
Fax 011-24651937
113Sh. Dinesh Setia
Who’s who
Sr. PPS to SecretaryMinistry of Ayushsecy-ayush[at]nic[dot]in011-24651950, 011-24651951,
Fax 24651937
14Sh. Pramod Kumar Pathak
Who’s who
Special Secretary & Chief Vigilance OfficerAyurveda, Siddha & Unani,
Ayush Education Policy I, II, III,
Drug Policy Section,
L&P Section,
International Cooperation,
Ayush Development Section,
Vigilance, Schemes, IMPCL Matters (L&P),
Heal in India and Heal by India
Fax 011-24651954
15Sh. Om Prakash Who’s who
Principal Private Secretary Ministry of Ayushom[dot]prakash[at]nic[dot]in011-24651939
16Sh. Trilok Chand
Who’s who
Principal Private Secretary Ministry of Ayushc[dot]trilok[at]nic[dot]in011-24651939
17Shri Jaideep Kumar MishraAS&FAIFDasfa-mhfw[at]nic[dot]in011-23061673
Fax 011-23061541
18Shri Rahul SharmaJoint SecretaryEstablishment - I,II,
General Administration Branch, Homoeopathy,
CP & RTI Branch,
OL Branch,
js-moayush[at]gov[dot]in 011-24651940
Fax 011-24651953
19Ms. Kavita GargJoint SecretaryBudget/Gender Budgeting Cell, Cash/GST,
National Ayush Mission,
Ayush Grid Branch, Yoga &
Naturopathy Division
Production Link Incentive (PLI Scheme)
Fax 011-24651952
20Shri Satyajit PaulDeputy Director General Planning and Evaluation,
Centre of Excellence (CoE) component of Ayurswasthya Yojana,
SGo S-4 (Nodal Officer)
SGo S-8 (Nodal Officer)
21Dr. Manoj Nesari Who’s whoAdviser (Ay.)International Cooperation,
Ayush Development,
Technical Matters of Ayu./Sowa Rigpa/Folk Medicine in National Institutes/Research Councils, Technical Matters of CME & PHI Schemes.
22Dr. Kousthubha Upadhyaya Who’s whoAdviser (Ay.)Drug Policy section, L&P Section, Technical Matters of IMPCL, EMR Scheme, Heal in India Heal by India and National Ayush Missionadviser-ayush[at]gov[dot]in011-20815348
23Dr. Sangeeta A. Duggal Who’s whoAdviser (H)Homoeopathy,Administrative and Technical Matters of Homoeopathy in NIs/RCsadvisor-homeo-ayush[at]gov[dot]in011-24656914
24Dr. M.A. Qasmi Adviser (Unani)All Matters relating to Unani Desk,mukhtar[dot]qasmi[at]gov[dot]in011-24651966
25Dr. Shashi Ranjan Kumar Vidyarthi
Who’s who
DirectorAyush Education Policy I, Ayush Education Policy II,
Ayush Education Policy III, Schemes, Heal in India and Heal by India, Administrative & financial matters of NMPB, International Cooperation
26Vikram SinghWho’s whoDirectorAdministrative & financial matters of IMPCL Matter (L&P),
Yoga &Naturopathy Division, Ayush Development Division, Ayush Grid Section
27Sh. Dhirendra KumarWho’s whoDirectorParliament & Coordination, Administrative & financial matters of National Ayush Mission and Health & Wellness Centresdhirendra[dot]k[at]nic[dot]in 011- 24651958
Intercom: 129
28Sh. Rohtas BhankarWho’s whoDirectorOfficial Language, Siddha Division, RTI
rohtas[dot]bhankhar[at]nic[dot]in 011-24651967
29Smt. Vijayalakshmi BharadwajWho’s whoDirectorEstablishment - I & II, General Administration Branch, Information Education Communication (IEC)vijayalakshmi[dot]bharadwaj40[at]gov[dot]in011-24651658
30Sh. Yash Veer SinghWho’s whoDeputy SecretaryAyurveda Divisionyv[dot]singh[at]nic[dot]in011-24651644
31Dr. Suresh Kumar
Who’s who
Deputy Adviser (Ay.)
National Ayush Mission

suresh[dot]kumar75[at]nic[dot]in 011-24651655
Fax 24651655
32Sh. Anjan Biswas
Who’s who
Under Secretary
Vigilance, Ayush Grid
anjan[dot]biswas[at]nic[dot]in 011-24651957
33Smt Shiela Tirkey
Who’s who
Under Secretary
Ayush Education Policy I,
International Cooperation ( IC ), Schemes
tirkey[dot]shiela[at]gov[dot]in 011-24651962
34Sh. Niret Kurian
Deputy Director, Indian Statistical ServiceY&N Division,
P&E Division, IEC
35Sh. Abdul Sadiq KhanUnder SecretaryGeneral Administration Branch, Establishment - I & II
36Sh. Madan Lal Meena
Under Secretary
IMPCL Matters,
L&P Section, Drug Policy Section
37Sh. Patrick XalxoUnder SecretaryCoordination, Parliament &RTI division and AyushEducation Policy-III, NMPBpatrick[dot]xalxo[at]gov[dot]in
38Sh. Bhawani Shankar KothariUnder SecretaryAyurveda, Unani, Administrative & technical matters of Siddha
39Smt. Mamta YadavUnder SecretaryNational AyushMission, Heal in India, Homeopathy
40Sh. Arjun KumarUnder SecretaryG-20 Secretariat Section
41Dr. Mahendra Kumar Pal
Who’s who
Assistant Adviser(H) AEP-IIImahendra[dot]pal[at]gov[dot]in 011-24651399
42Dr. Rachna PaliwalWho’s whoAssistant Adviser(H)Homoeopathyrachna[dot]paliwal[at]nic[dot]in 011-2081
43Dr. Ranvijay SinghWho’s whoAssistant Adviser(Ayu)Ayurveda Sectionranvijay[dot]s[dot]dl[at]nic[dot]in
43Dr. Ravindra ChopraAssistant Adviser(Ay.)CP&RTI
44Sh. Achu SreekumarAssistant Director, Indian Statistical ServiceP&E Division, General Administration, Establishment-IIachu[dot]sreekumar[at]gov[dot]in
Smt.Purnima BoseAssistant Director(OL) Hindi Section Official Languagebose[dot]purnima[at]gov[dot]in 011-24651932
46Dr Kumaran DWho’s whoResearch Officer(S)Siddha Branch,
Ayush Grid Section,
Web Information Manager,
NICSI Coordinator
47Dr. Virendrakumar Vilasrao BhakareResearch Officer(Ay) National Ayush Mission
48Dr. Shiv Prasad Dwivedi
Who’s who
Research Officer(Ay) AEP-Ishiv[dot]dwivedi85[at]gov[dot]in011-24651976
49Dr. S. D. Muralidass
Who’s who
Research Officer(S)Schememurali[dot]dass[at]gov[dot]in
50Dr. Revathy KRWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) Ayurvedarevathy[dot]kr[at]gov[dot]in
51Dr. Kapil SharmaWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) IC Sectionkapil[dot]sharma06[at]gov[dot]in
52Dr. Ashvinee Nansingbhai VasavaWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) IC Sectionashvinee[dot]vasava[at]gov[dot]in
53Dr. Lakshmi SWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) NMPBlakshmi[dot]s05[at]gov[dot]in
54Dr. Rakesh BishnoiWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) Ayurveda Development Sectionrakesh[dot]bishnoi[at]gov[dot]in
55Dr. Gunjan RawalWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) Ayush Development Sectiongunjan[dot]rawal[at]gov[dot]in
56Dr. Arya M Suresh
Who’s who
Research Officer(Ay) Ayurveda Development Sectionarya[dot]suresh6[at]gov[dot]in
57Dr. Jitender KumarResearch Officer(Ay) IECjitender[dot]k331[at]gov[dot]in
58Dr. Heena Mewara
Who’s who
Research Officer(Ay) Heal in Indiaheena[dot]mewara[at]gov[dot]in
59Dr. Pooja Rose C JWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) National Ayush Missionpoojarose[dot]cj[at]gov[dot]in
60Dr. Rupesh Kumar
Who’s who
Research Officer(Ay) DGHSrupesh[dot]vp[at]gov[dot]in
61Dr. Aswani G SWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) Drug Policy Sectionaswani[dot]gs[at]gov[dot]in
62Dr. Heena Ashokbhai MaheswariWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) Drug Policy Sectionheena[dot]maheshwari[at]gov[dot]in
63Dr. Hemlata SoniWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) Drug Policy Sectionhemlata[dot]soni[at]gov[dot]in
64Dr. Sreevidya KNWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) AEP-Isreevidyakn[dot]93[at]gov[dot]in
65Dr. Meena NagarWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) AEP-Inagar[dot]meena91[at]gov[dot]in
66Dr. Khushbu JainWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) AEP-Ikhushbu[dot]jain[at]gov[dot]in
67Dr. Sonalben Kantilal ChaudhariWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) AEP-IIsonal[dot]kc[at]gov[dot]in
68Dr. Poonam KumariWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) AEP-IIIpoonam[dot]kumari09[at]gov[dot]in
69Dr. RenuWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) EMRrenu[dot]farak[at]gov[dot]in
70Dr. Nirma BansalWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) Ayush Gridnirma[dot]bansal[at]gov[dot]in
71Dr. Dhanyamol TKWho’s whoResearch Officer(Ay) Heal in Indiadhanyamol[dot]tk[at]gov[dot]in
72Dr. Asma AbidResearch Officer(U) Unani Section
73Dr. Dhiraj DebnathWho’s whoResearch Officer(H) International Cooperation Sectiondebnath[dot]dhiraj17[at]gov[dot]in011-24651941
74Dr. Purnima SuriWho’s whoResearch Officer(H) AEP-II Sectionpurnima[dot]suri[at]gov[dot]in
75Dr. Khem ChandResearch Officer(U) Coordination, Parliament & RTI
76Dr. Deepak KumarWho’s whoResearch Officer(H) HOMOEOPATHYdeepak[dot]kr1991[at]gov[dot]in
77Dr. Himadri BhaumikWho’s whoResearch Officer(H) HOMOEOPATHYhimadri[dot]bhaumik[at]gov[dot]in
78Dr. Avaranjika KWho’s whoResearch Officer(H) HOMOEOPATHYavaranjika[dot]k[at]gov[dot]in
79Dr. Abhijit DuttaWho’s whoResearch Officer(H) IC Sectionabhijit[dot]dutta92[at]gov[dot]in011-24651941
80Sh. Dalip Kumar
Section Officer
81Sh. Sanjeev Kumar
Section Officer

sanjeevkumar1-cwc[at]gov[dot]in 011-24651931
82Sh. Ajit Vikram Chourasia
Section Officer
IFD Ayush
Section Officer dcc-ayush[at]nic[dot]in 24651932
Fax 24651932
Section Officer

ic-ayush[at]nic[dot]in 011-24651942
85VacantSection Officer
IECiec-ayush[at]nic[dot]in 011-24651844
Section Officer
Research Desk

researchdesk-ayush[at]nic[dot]in 011-24651932
87Sh. Nawalesh Kumar Sinha
Who’s who
Senior Statistical Officer, P&E

sinhank74[at]yahoo[dot]com 011-24651968
88Reception/ Facilitation Centre
89Ajit SahaScientist - FNIC Cellajitsaha[at]nic[dot]in011-24648354
90NIC Cellsupport-moayush[at]nic[dot]in011-24648354

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