Unani Formulations for Building Disease Resistance

Unani medicine is a traditional and non-conventional system of medicine that is being practised in India. It incorporates the use of herbal remedies, dietary practices and regimental therapies. The principle of recognizing the influence of surroundings on the state of health of the human being is significant to this system of healthcare. 

 Unani medicine lays a lot of importance on prevention of disease and promotion of health. Emphasis is laid on the maintenance of proper ecological balance and on keeping air, water and food free from all possible pollution and pathogens. It believes that strengthening the body’s natural resistance to diseases is one of the key approaches to good health.  

Here are a few Unani formulations whose adoption by the public has grown since the start of the pandemic. Not only do they enhance health but also help treat certain ailments. 


 This is a popular Unani formulation which is mentioned in different classical Unani texts.  

 It is prepared from the fruit Jujube (Unnab), which is an excellent blood purifier. Although this fruit is native to Southern Asia, it is now found around the world. 

Benefits: It acts as a mild blood purifier. It also helps in pulmonary and pectoral diseases like chest pain, cough, cold and catarrh. Further, it is beneficial for conditions like headache, hyperthermia and hypersensitivity. 


  • Children: Two tbsp (20ml) in a cup of water (75ml) before breakfast
  • Adult: Four tbsp (40ml) in a cup of water (75ml) before breakfast OR as directed by the physician. 


This formulation is effective in controlling and treating cough and cold.  Some of its important ingredients include seeds of Papaver Somniferum (Khashkhash), Onosma Bracteatum flower(Gaozaban), Myrtus Communis (murad), dried fruits of  Coriandrum Sativum (Coriander/ Dhania), dried extract of Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Mulethi/ Licorice)and LavendulaStoechas (Ustukhuddus). 

Benefits: It is an effective herbal remedy that helps relieve sore throat and cough. It is also beneficial in the treatment of colds, sinusitis and acute catarrh. 


  •   Children: 5gm (1/2 tsp.) two times a day
  •   Adults: 10gm (1 tsp.) two times a day OR as directed by the physician


This is a compound drug formulation from Unani medicine. Its active ingredients include extracts from the stems of Bambusa Bambos (Tabasheer), Cinchona Officinalis (Cinchona/ Kanakana), starch fromTinospora Cordifolia (Satt-e-Gilo) and gum ofAcacia Nilotica (Samagh-e-Arabi).

Benefits: It works as an antipyretic. It is useful in both viral and bacterial fever. It also helps relieve body ache. 


  • Children: 250 mg (pill) twice daily for 6- 12 years of age 
  • Adults: 500 mg (pill) twice daily for above 12 years of age OR as directed by the physician. 

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