Central Sector Scheme


  1. Scheme For Acquisition, Cataloging, Digitization and Publication of Text Book & Manuscripts (51.95 KB)
  2. Scheme for Revitalization Of Local Health Traditions, Midwifery Practices Etc .(Scheme has been dropped in the 12th Plan) (202.58 KB)
  3. Development of Ayush industry Cluster(Scheme has been dropped from 01/04/2017) (608.99 KB)


  1. Guidelines for Central Sector Scheme for AYURSWASTHYA YOJANA (999 KB)


  1. Capacity Building and Continued Medical Education
  2. Research and Innovation in Ayush (Erstwhile Extra Mural Research Scheme) (565kb)
  3. Research and Innovation in Ayush (Erstwhile Extra Mural Research Scheme) (Hindi) (1022 KB)



  1. Expenditure on ALL ACDP Projects (52.69 KB)
  2. Summary of completed Projects (387.3 KB)
  3. Summary of Completed Project of DAME, Kerala (60.19 KB)
  4. PHI


  1. Notification
  2. Revised Guidelines of IEC Scheme 2021-26 of the Ministry of Ayush (409 KB)


  1. Release of Grant-in-Aid (Recurring) of Rs. 1,44,65,634/- (Rupees One crore Forty Four lakh Sixty Five Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty Four only) to Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), New Delhi under Central Sector Scheme, Scheme Code-0138- – Promotion of International Co-operation in AYUSH Reg (3.8MB)
  2. Revised scheme for CSS (538.56 KB) 
  3. Achievements of International Cooperation (81.98 KB)
  4. Delhi Declaration on Traditional Medicine for SE Asian Countries (1.58 MB)
  5. International Fellowship Programme Release of Funds (841.62 KB) 

Evolving Pharmacopoeial Standards for ASU and H Drugs, etc

  1. Evolving Pharmacopoeial Standards for ASU and H drugs, etc (200.02 KB)
  2. CoE
  3. LHT
  4. Ayush Industry Clusters

Central Sector Scheme of Yoga Training for Police Personnel

  1. Yoga Training for Police Personnel  (4.37 MB)  

Champion Services Sector Scheme

1. Guidelines for Central Sector Scheme for Establishment of Ayush Super Specialist Hospitals (413.47 KB) 

2. Guidelines for Skill Development (Hindi/English) (990 KB)

3. Guidelines for establishment of AYUSH Grid (326 KB)

4. Curriculum for Saundarya Ayurveda (74 KB)

5. Curriculum for sensitizing Health Care Professionals on Ayurveda (164 KB)

6. Curriculum for Research Methodology and Medical Statistics (180 KB)

7. Curriculum for Prakriti Analyst (229 KB)

8. Curriculum for Jara Sahayak (Elderly care giver) (244 KB)

9. Curriculum for Emergency Management Course (146 KB)

10. Curriculum for Cupping Therapy Assistant (297 KB)

11. Curriculum for Dalk Therapy Assistant (278 KB)

12. Foundation course in Yoga Science for wellness (290 KB)

13. Panchakarma Paricharaka Basic Course (707 KB)

14. Technical Assistant Course in Stree Prasuti Local Procedures (148 KB)

15. Kshara Karma Technician Training Programme (308 KB)


  1. Guidelines of AOGUSY Scheme (456 KB)


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