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1Office Order- Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Qasmi, Adviser (Unani)Download (98 KB)
2Additional charge assigned to Prof. Tanuja Nesari, Director, AIIA as CEO, NMPB Dated 18.01.2022Download (119 KB)
3आयुर्स्वास्थ्य योजना और आयुष्मान योजना के संबंध में परिपत्र।Download (15 KB)
4Allocation of finance advice charges of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Ministry of AyushDownload (72 KB)
5DOE- Guidelines on Debarment of Firms from BiddingDownload (1 MB)
6Circular-Phase out single use plastic by 2022 (Hindi/English)Download (548 KB)
7Implementation of order relating to the Official Language Policy — reg (133 KB))Download (130 KB)
8Work allocation of US (MLM) -dated 29.07.2021Download (217 KB)
9Office Order dated 01 March 2021 (438 KB)Download (438 KB)
10सीपीआईओ और एफएए आदेशDownload (390 KB)
11डॉ. संगीता ए. दुग्गल को सलाहकार (होम्योपैथी) के रूप में नामित करने के संबंध में आदेशDownload (239 KB)
12Creation of Yoga & Naturopathy cell to look after the work of Yoga & Naturopathy including the work relating to celebration of International Day of Yoga.Download (671 KB)
13निदेशकों के कार्य आवंटन के संबंध में कार्यालय आदेश।Download (781 KB)
14आयुष मंत्रालय में निदेशक की नियुक्ति के संबंध मेंDownload (864 KB)
15आयुष के लिए केंद्रीय औषधि नियंत्रक निदेशालय के ग्रुप ए पदों के लिए भर्ती नियम तैयार करनाDownload (10 MB)
16डॉ. दिशारी सेनगुप्ता की नियुक्ति के संबंध में कार्यालय आदेशDownload (561 KB)
17आयुष मंत्रालय में अंशकालिक मुख्य सतर्कता अधिकारी (सीवीओ) की नियुक्तिDownload (107 KB)
18दिनांक 01.01.2017 को आयुष मंत्रालय और सीजीएचएस संगठनों के तहत कार्यरत सभी चिकित्सकों की वरिष्ठता सूची का मसौदाDownload (6 MB)
19Regarding Engagement of DEOs and ConsultantsDownload (519 KB)
20Officer Order Related of Link Officer AllocationDownload (754 KB)
21Framing of Rotational Transfer Policy-Internal Transfer Policy in Ministry of AyushDownload (812 KB)
22Officer OrderDownload (316 KB)
23List of Assistant Section Officers taken into strength of Ministry of AyushDownload (376 KB)
24Observance of Swachhta Pakhwada from 1st February to 15th February 2017Download (848 KB)
25Office Order regarding Shri T.V.RaghavanDownload (498 KB)
26Office OrderDownload (1 MB)
27Notification regarding Confirmation of in service Medical Officers, Research OfficersDownload (340 KB)
28Observance of Vigilance Awareness WeekDownload (4 MB)
29Delegation of Powers to Financial Advisers to accord exemption for Air Travel in airlines other than Air IndiaDownload (3 MB)
30Office order w.r.t. Shri Yash Veer SinghDownload (412 KB)
31Inviting application of retired officers as the Inquiry Officers for conducting Departmental InquiriesDownload (1 MB)
32Office order w.r.t Dr. Abdul QayyumDownload (766 KB)
33Observance of Swacchta Pakhwada (2nd Round)Download (781 KB)
34Office order w.r.t. Shri R.C.AggarwalDownload (540 KB)
35Office order w.r.t. Shri Santosh Kumar GuptaDownload (453 KB)
36Office order w.r.t. Shri Navdeep RinwaDownload (550 KB)
37Office order w.r.t. promotion of the officersDownload (1 MB)
38Corrigendum relating to Office OrderDownload (463 KB)
39Appointment of Shri Jeetendra Kumar Vaishya as R.O. in NMPBDownload (652 KB)
40office order w.r.t. promotion of the officersDownload (2 MB)
41Notification regarding Joining of Shri P.N. Ranjit Kumar, Joint SecretaryDownload (615 KB)
42Work Allocation in The Ministry of AyushDownload (3 MB)
43Work OrderDownload (370 KB)
44Minutes of Meeting held under the Chiarmanship of Secy(AYUSH) -Dated:14/05/2012 (3)Download (11 MB)
45Appointment order of Shri Daniel E. Richards, Director in Ministry of AyushDownload (1 MB)
46Channel of Submission and final level of disposal in respect of items of work in Ministry
47Minutes of Meeting held under the Chiarmanship of Secy(AYUSH) -Dated:14/05/2012 (2)Download (10 MB)
48Office Order dated 18th Feb 2014 -Dated:18/06/2014Download (662 KB)
49Promotion orders 30-04-2014 -Dated:30/04/2014Download (2 MB)
50Notification to appoint Dr. N. Radha -Dated:14/02/2014Download (484 KB)
51Complaints Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women in the Deptt of Ayush nominee of the ALL India Womens Conference -Dated:11/02/2014Download (333 KB)
52Complaints Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women in the Deptt of Ayush -Dated:20/01/2014Download (620 KB)
53Application for the post of DG CCRAS New Delhi Hindi Version -Dated:15/05/2013Download (2 MB)
54Application for the post of Director General, Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences, New Delhi -Dated:15/05/2013Download (2 MB)
55Engagement of Shri Jeevan Ram Staff Car Driver -Dated:17/10/2012Download (2 MB)
56Office order 26.09.2012 consequent upon Sh. Raj Pratap Singh, JS MID-Career Training Programme -Dated:26/09/2012Download (808 KB)
57Minutes of Meeting held under the Chiarmanship of Secy(Ayush) -Dated:14/05/2012Download (9 MB)
58Notification Sh Bala Prasad as a JS -Dated:02/02/2012Download (645 KB)
59Office Order 25 01 2012 -Dated:25/01/2012Download (475 KB)
60Minimum Standards Norms for conditional permission to ASU colleges for session 2012 13 -Dated:27/12/2011Download (884 KB)
61Office order to appoint Sh Sunil Dutt as RO -Dated:14/12/2011Download (471 KB)
62Grant of Functional designation of Sr. Stat Officer to Sh Arvind Kumar Kureel -Dated:17/08/2011Download (622 KB)
63Office Order to Appoint Shri Akif Iqbal Alvi -Dated:12/08/2011Download (531 KB)
64Sh Ashok kumar Sr Legal Consultant work relating to the legal cell -Dated:11/08/2011Download (510 KB)
65Joining Report of Sh. P.K. Anand, Deputy Director, in the Deptt. of Ayush dt. 04.08.2011 -Dated:04/08/2011Download (460 KB)
66Office Order 16.07.2014 -DatedDownload (87 KB)
67Office Order 16.07.2014 -DatedDownload (90 KB)
68Notification 06-05-2014 -DatedDownload (420 KB)
69Notification 5-5-2014 -DatedDownload (473 KB)
70Office Memorandum dt.11.02.2014 -DatedDownload (427 KB)
71Meeting on 11 th Dec. 2012 15:00 hours for Opening of Fin. Bids for Evaluation of Ayush scheme -DatedDownload (90 KB)
72Appoint Shri Sunil Dutt RO -Dated:Download (625 KB)
73Implementation of provisions of Homoeopathy Minimum Standard of Education Regulations 1983 August, 2011 -Dated:Download (27 KB)
74Implementation of provisions of Homoeopathy Minimum Standard of Education Regulations 1983 -Dated:Download (2 MB)
75Recruitment to one (01) post of Director, Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine & Homocopathy (PCIM&H) GhaziabadDownload (266 KB)
76कार्यमुक्ति आदेश डॉ. जे.एल.एन शास्त्री, मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी (एनएमपीबी), आयुष मंत्रालय दिनांक 21-06-2021Download (29 KB)
77सीईओ, एनएमपीबी का अतिरिक्त प्रभार श्री. डी. सेंथिल पांडियन, संयुक्त सचिव, आयुष मंत्रालय दिनांक 21-06-2021Download (24 KB)
78Premature repatriation of Shri, Roshan Jaggi, IFoS (JK:1988), Joint Secretary, Ministry of Ayush to his parent cadre-regardingDownload (32 KB)
79Guidelines for Empanelment of Private Ayush Hospitals with the CGHS/CSMA Rules 1944 -Dated:Download (1 MB)
80Admission to ASU Medical Colleges for the year academic year 2009 2010 -Dated:Download (910 KB)

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