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यूनानी में पाठ्यक्रम

UG Course:

(A) Pre-Tib Course: The duration of Pre-Tib Course shall be one year.

(B)          Degree (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery-B.U.M.S.) Course: The duration of Course shall be five years and six months comprising:-

(i)First Professional sessionTwelve months
(ii)Second Professional sessionTwelve months
(iii)Third Professional sessionTwelve months
(iv)Final Professional sessionEighteen months
(v)Compulsory Rotatory InternshipTwelve months

Degree to be awarded.-The candidate shall be awarded Kamile Tib o Jarahat (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery-B.U.M.S.) degree after passing all the examinations and completion of the prescribed course of study extending over the prescribed period, and the compulsory rotator internship extending over twelve months.

Medium of instruction.-The medium of instruction for the course shall be Urdu or Hindi or any recognized regional language or English.

PG Course Unani

Table A: Mahire Tib (Doctor of Medicine)

LMahire Tib – Kulliyte TibM.D.(Unani)-Basicprinciples of Unani medicine
2.Mahire Tib – Munafeul AzaM.D.(Unani)-Physiology
3.Mahire Tib – Ilmul AdviaM.D.(Unani)-Phannacology
4.Mahi.re Tib – Ilmul SaidlaM.D.(Unani)-Phannacy
5.Mahire Tib – Tahaffuzi waSamaji TibM.D.      (Unani)  – Preventive             and               Community medicine
6.Mahire Tib – Amraze AtfalM.D.(Unani)-Paediatrics
7.Mahi.re Tib – MoalajatM.D.(Unani)-Medicine
8.Mahire Tib – Mahiyatul AmrazM.D.(Unani)-Pathology
9.Mahi.re Tib – Ilajbit TadabeerM.D.(Unani)-Regimenal therapy
10.Mahire Tib – Amraze JildM.D.(Unani)-Dermatology


Mah”ire Jarahat (Master or surgery)

SI.No.Name of specialtyAbbreviation
11.Mahire Jarahat – Tashreehul BadanM.S.(Unani)-Anatomy
12.Mahire Jarahat – Ilmul JarahatM.S.(Unani)-Surge1y
13.Mahi.re Jarahat – Amraze Um,Anf wa HalaqM.S.(Unani) –Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat
14.Mahire Jai·ahat – Qabalat wa Amraze Niswan TibbM.D.(Unani)-Obstetrics and Gynecology

PG Diploma in Unani

S.L. No.  Full nomenclature

1Post-Graduate Diploma in IImul Saidla (Pharmacy)
2Post-Graduate Diploma in in Amraze Ain (Opthalmology)
3Post-Graduate Diploma in Amraze Uzn, Anf wa Halaq (Ear, Nose and Throat)
4Post-Graduate Diploma in Ilaj bil Tadabeer (Regimental therapy)
5Post-Graduate Diploma in Tibbe Qanooni (Forensic medicine)
6Post-Graduate Diploma in Ilmus Samoom (Toxicology)
7Post-Graduate Diploma in Tibbi Tashkeese Shuaiya (Medical Radio Diagnosis)
8Post-Graduate Diploma in Mutaadi aur Wabai Amraz (Infectious and Communicable Diseases)
9Post-Graduate Diploma in Samaji Tibb (Community medicine)
10Post-Graduate Diploma in Ilaj bil Ghiza (Diet therapy)
11Post-Graduate Diploma in Amraze Jild wa Tazyeeniyat (Skin and Cosmetology)
12Post-Graduate Diploma in  Amraze Izam wa Mafasil (orthopedics)
13Post-Graduate Diploma in Qabalat wa Amraz e Niswan (obstetrics and Gynecology)
14Post-Graduate Diploma  in Medicinal Plants
15Post-Graduate Diploma  in Hospital Management

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