क्या सरकारी योजना में औषधीय पौधों के संरक्षण और खेती के लिए कोई योजनाएं मौजूद है?

Certainly! There are a number of programmes that have been set in motion via the Central Assistance for the conservation and cultivation of medicinal plants. The Reproductive Child Health Programme (RCH) which is initiated by the Department of Family Welfare, has an ISM component namely ‘Vanaspati Van’ Scheme which is aimed at raising medicinal plants specifically for the well-being of the mother and the child.  This very scheme intends to offer door-to-door traditional healthcare by the means of medicinal plants to the tribal and rural populace of India where the conservative methods of treatment are not obtainable. Besides, making use of the medicinal plants for medical assistance is a culture-bound practice of the Indian Society, the rural ones to be exact. The Ministry of Ayush offers Financial Assistance to a variety of Government or Semi-Government Institutions regulated by the Centre, State or UT governments to escalate the conservation and cultivation of the medicinal plants. Moreover, the Department of Biotechnology grants financial assistance for the Biodiversity conservation projects which involve cultivation, post-harvest processing, and storage of medicinal sources. Likewise, the Department of Forests is also involved in executing such undertakings.

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