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Promotion orders of Siddha Doctors

Sr.No.OM/Notification No.OM/Notification DateSubjectlink
1F.No.A.32012/01/2019-E-I (Ayush)05 March 2021Promotion OrderPDF File
2F.No.A.32012/5/2019-E-I(Ayush)21 November 2019Promotion OrderPDF File
3F.No.A.320 12/3/20 18-E-I(Ayush)23 April 2019Promotion OrderPDF File
4F. No. A.32012/03/2015-E-1 (Ayush)17 Sep 2018Promotion OrderPDF File
5F.No.A.320 12/3/20 13-E-I(Ayush)09 Nov 2015Promotion OrderPDF File

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