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Information About COVID - 19

Covid-19 AYUSH Volunteers

AYUSH against Covid-19

AYUSH Professionals! Let us know if you are willing to volunteer to work for the fight against Covid 19

(Enlisting professionals from other-than Government institutions and all AYUSH students)

AYUSH professionals and students could be called upon to volunteer to work for the fight against Covid 19, whenever need arise. If you are willing to volunteer, you are requested to train and update yourself as per the guidelines/ training material published by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. (Also available in What’s New section of this website with the heading “Training resources for Covid 19 Management”).

Details of AYUSH fraternity working in Government are already available with their respective organizations, hence they are not required to share their details here.Willing students and non-Government professionals of AYUSH are requested to submit details here: