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Kundalini Yoga is a form of divine energy that is located at the base of the spine. It is a form of tantric practice and is believed to lead to divine liberation. In men, the kundalini is located between the urinary and the excretory organs. In females, it is located at the root of the uterus, in the cervix. The Kundalini is awakened by practicing Tantra, Mantra, Asanas, and Meditation. The Kundalini is believed to be coiled up like a serpent and its awakening is reported to be the feeling of an electric current running through the spine. The awakening of Kundalini can lead to a broad range of positive and negative phenomena. Kundalini is a dormant potential force that rests in the subtle body. Its awakening can cause changes in the psychic, physical and emotional capacities of an individual. It can either grow gradually or can move up spontaneously. Kundalini Yoga opens an individual to an awakened life, with simplicity, unconditional acceptance, and contentment as the hallmarks.

People who have awakened this supernatural force are called Prophets, Rishis, Siddhas, Yogi, and others according to the time, tradition, and culture. 

To awaken the Kundalini, one should prepare himself via yogic techniques such as Pranayama, Asana, Bandha, Mudra and Meditation.

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