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Japa Yoga

Japa Yoga is a crucial part of Yoga. This type of Yoga is a combination of two terms: Japa (repetition) and Yoga. Thus Japa Yoga means concentrating on one divine name and practicing repetition of that divine power. Practicing Japa Yoga is believed to be highly effective as it removes the impurities from the mind and calms the nerves. If practiced regularly, this type of yoga is believed to destroy sins and results in communion with the almighty. While practicing this form of yoga, merely repetition is not sufficient. One also needs to be attentive, remain aware, and feel  its sound.

To concentrate one’s mind on holy syllable or divine name, mantra etc. like ‘Rama’ ’OM’,, ’Allah’, ’God’, ’Vahe Guru’ etc. through repeated remembrance or recitation.

This yoga can take many forms, depending on the way the mantra is repeated. Repeating the mantra out loud shuts down all external noise and otherworldly sounds. This is known as the Vaikhari Japa. When the mantra is repeated by humming or whispering, it is called Upamsu Japa. Finally, if the practitioner is on the stage of the mental repetition of the mantra, it is called Manasika Japa. Practicing Japa Yoga results in the awakening of the mind, and improves overall health.

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