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Gyana Yoga

Gyana refers to knowledge. Gyana yoga is the path that leads to the discovery of reality through insight, knowledge, and practice. This form of yoga combines four principles: Viveka (Discrimination), Shatsampatti (The Six Treasures), Vairagya (Renunciation), and And Mumukshtva (constant striving for God). Viveka is known as the purest form of knowledge or having supreme authority over our conscience. Vairagya refers to the liberation of oneself from any desire for earthly possessions. Shatsampatti or the six treasures are Shama, Dama, Shraddha, Uparati, Samadhana, and Titiksha. Mumukshtva is the yearning to unite with God. Gyana yoga helps us to explore the path of discrimination and unite with the divine. This union can be achieved through the wisdom of the divine. In other words, it helps us become the silent observer of our own self.

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