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Regimental therapy (Ilaj-bil-Tadbir)

The regimental therapy is a special method of treatment in Unani that helps improve the body constitution of an individual by eliminating waste and enhancing the defense mechanism of the body. Also known as the detoxification method, this therapy proves to be highly effective. While the Unani system of medicine uses simple treatments to cure a disease, some complicated ailments require the application of specific techniques. These techniques are listed as under:

  1. Venesection (FASD)

In certain diseases, it becomes important to perform venesection as it negates the lethal effects of the disease on the body. This treatment is useful for the following functions:

  • It corrects the excess blood and helps relieve high blood pressure
  • It helps stimulate the metabolic processes
  • It amends the temperament of the patient
  • It helps treat amenorrhoea
  • It helps in the excretion of waste from various parts of the body
  • It prevents the toxicity of the blood and avoids accumulation of waste
  1. Cupping (AL-Hijama)

This technique of treatment is used to:

  • Treat liver diseases
  • Impede excess menstruation and epistaxis
  • Cure piles and inflammation of the uterus, testes, boils, scabies, and so on
  • Cleanse the waste from the skin  
  • Treat spleen diseases and malaria
  1. Turkish Bath (Hamam)

The Turkish bath is useful for enhancing nutrition, adjusting the body fat, resolving the waste matter from the body, providing heat to the body and to initiate sweating. In normal health, a cold bath is preferred. However, to cure ailments like Paralysis, a hot bath is a highly effective technique.

  1. Tariq (Sweating)

Sweating is a natural means of excretion that helps in the reduction of excessive heat in the body. Sweating allows excretion of waste from the skin and other parts of the body. Also, it helps in the purification of blood. Some of the methods of diaphoresis are massage, dry and wet hot fomentations, warm water baths, and exposing the patient to a room with a moderately hot temperature.

  1. Diuresis (Idrar-E-Baul)

Diuresis is a process that is considered effective to cure disorder in the lungs, heart, and liver. In many cases, diuresis is sometimes induced by keeping the patient in a cool environment and applying cold water.

  1. Massage (Dalak)

Massage is an effective type of treatment for various musculoskeletal disorders. While the soft massage promotes calm and induces sleep, the hard massage acts as deobstruent and boosts the blood supply. Also, the oil massage softens the skin and relaxes the muscles.

  1. Vomiting (Qai)

The agents that trigger vomiting are called Emetics. These agents prove to be highly effective in curing bronchopneumonia, migraine, headache, tonsillitis, and bronchial asthma. Emetics also treat cerebral disorders such as melancholia and mania.

  1. Purging (Ishal)

The Unani physicians find laxatives and purgatives to be highly effective in treating certain diseases through intestinal evacuation. Purging is one of the unique methods that have detoxicating, derivative, antispasmodic, and resolving properties. However, this method directly affects the normal metabolic channel, which is why; Unani Physicians have laid certain ground rules for adopting Purging.

  1. Cauterization (Kai)

Cauterization is an ancient medical practice in the Unani medicine that is performed with a hot iron or a caustic, to burn a body part that is not required. This practice is quite useful for treating soreness in the hip joint. Cauterization eliminates and resolves the pathogenic matters that are attached to any particular structure. Also, it strengthens the organ that possesses a cold temperament. Moreover, cauterization retains the blood flow, thereby stopping hemorrhage.

  1. Exercise (Riyazat)

Physical exercise is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and treating various disorders. The Unani system of medicine categorizes physical exercises as hard, moderate, and light; while also considering the timing and condition for those exercises. For example:

  • Boating is effective for patients suffering from leprosy
  • Oration is a good chest exercise
  1. Leeching (Taleeq)

Leeching is an important and effective treatment for removing impurities in the blood. It involves the use of medicinal leeches to suck the impure blood. This method is highly effective in treating skin disorders.  

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