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Pharnacotherapy (Ilaj-bil-Dawa)

Pharnacotherapy is a type of treatment that involves the extensive use of natural drugs. The drugs used can be herbal, or animal or mineral origin. Since Unani places emphasis on the temperament of the patient, the drugs are also believed to have a specific temperament. The medical practitioners use natural drugs due to their negligible after-effects on the human body. The medicines or drugs administered according to the temperament of the patient not only accelerate the recovery process but they also eliminate the risk of reaction. Just like individuals, drugs are also classified into hot, dry, moist, and cold temperaments. Not only that, while administering the right type of drugs, the physicians also take into account a host of other factors such as age and temperament of the patient, potency, and the nature and severity of diseases. The drugs prescribed take the form of syrups, powders, tablets, infusion, decoctions, Majoon, Khamira, etc. Also, Pharnacotherapy, under Unani, has certain regulations concerning the prescription of alternate drugs.

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