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Dieto Therapy (Ilaj-bil-Ghiza)

In the Unani system of medicine, great emphasis is laid on the regulation of the quantity and quality of food to treat certain ailments. Many Unani scholars have explained the dynamics of this therapy by the way of books such as:

  • Maqala Fil Aghziya by Razi
  • Kitab fil Aghzia by Rabban Tabari
  • Kitab Manafe-Il-Aghziya wa Daf-e- Mazarreha by Razi
  • Manafe-ul-Atima wal Ashriba, by Rabban Tabari

Not only foods possess nutritional properties, but they also reflect great potential to treat diseases. Such foods can be broken down into various categories such as diuretic, laxative, and diaphoretic. Thus the food plays a crucial role in treating modalities, and the Unani system focuses on the same by administering specific diets centered on the food. For example, eggs are proven to be highly effective in treating fractures and curing baldness.

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