Other Regions of India

The Central University for Tibetan Studies comes under the Department of Culture, Ministry of Culture, Government of India. This university is nestled in Sarnath, Varanasi; and has a faculty for Sowa-Rigpa. This faculty offers various courses in Sowa-Rigpa, such as a four-year PUC course, and a bachelor’s degree (BTMS) that runs for a five-and-a-half-year duration. Moreover, the faculty has an OPD clinic and a pharmacy to impart quality training to the students.

Also, across all Tibetan settlements established in various parts of India, there are a few branches of Tibetan Medical Institute that attract Indians as well. A lot of people who benefited from the Tibetan Medicine, took the initiative to expand its reach by requesting to open various branch-clinics of Tibetan medical Institute, Dharamsala in metropolitans like Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. 

Name of the StatePrevailing regionsNo. of Practitioners (Tentative)Institutions/ Sections, NGOs on Sowa-Rigpa
Jammu & KashmirLeh & Kargil of Ladakh region and Paddar and Pangay area350National Research Institute for Sowa Rigpa, Leh, CCRAS, Govt. of IndiaDepartment of Sowa Rigpa Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Leh under Ministry of Culture, Govt. of IndiaAn Sowa Rigpa Clinic in District Hospital Leh, 40 sMenpa in Leh and 40 sMenpa in Kargil are supported by state Govt. for rural health.Tibetan Medical Cultural Centre and two Clinics, LehSome sMenpa are supported for public health in Padar-Pangey region under Dept. of ISM, J&K Nine Amchi NGOs are working in J&K
Himachal PardeshKinnor, Lahoul, Spiti and Daramshala160Four sMenpa posts are created by H.P. Govt. to cater health service in Sowa-Rigpa prevailing regions.An Sowa Rigpa school is run in Manali by local sMenpa.Sowa Rigpa NGOs are functional in Lahoul & Spiti regions
SikkimEntire Sikkim State30An Sowa Rigpa OPD Clinic facility is available in Govt. Hospital Gangtok by Sikkim Govt.Few private formal clinics are functioning in Sikkim town and other districts
Arunachal PardeshMon, Tawang and Bomdila regions55Two formal Sowa Rigpa Clinics in Tawang.
West BengalDarjeeling and Kalimpong45Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute of Late Ven. Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche is providing training facility and medical service.Formal Clinics of Sowa Rigpa medicine are available in both of these areas.
Tibetan community in IndiaAll over India and abroad260Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute, Dharamsala with the following facilities by H.H. Dalai Lama:Tibetan Medical and Astro College.A pharmacy and production unit.Research and publication wing.There are 40-50 Clinics under this Institute all over India.There is a Central Council of Tibetan Medicine at Dharamsala.
Varanasi, U.PSaranath35Sowa-Rigpa Deptt. In CUTS, Sarnath with pharmacy and OPD facilities.

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