Out of the total of 46, one seat is allotted for a Foreign (BIMSTEC) student every year by rotation from any one of the existing branches. If the seat remains vacant after the deadline, the vacant seat shall be offered to Indian student from the merit list. Out of the remaining 45 seats, 15% are reserved for natural born SC candidates, 7% for natural born ST candidates and 27 % for OBC candidates. The remaining seats after allotment to the reserved category of ST and the unfilled seats from those reserved categories, after exhausting the waiting list in the above concerned categories shall be filled from the candidates belonging to the SC category on the basis of merit.

3% of the total seats from the General Category, is reserved for physically challenged candidates under the Disability Act subject to the condition that the disability certificate issued by a duly constituted and authorized Medical Board is produced and the candidate possesses the minimum eligibility criteria as per MCI (Medical Council of India) guidelines. The candidates should be otherwise fit medically.

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