Materia Medica

The Siddha System has established a rich and exceptional catalog of drug knowledge wherein utmost emphasis is given to the usage of metals and minerals. The below-mentioned in-depth classification of drugs will easily help you form an idea regarding the depth of knowledge the Siddha System holds in the domain of minerals.

  • There are 25 ranges of water-soluble inorganic compounds known as UPPU. These UPPUs are basically various kinds of alkalis and salts.
  • There are 64 types of mineral drugs that do not get dissolved in water; but when put in the fire, emit vapors. Amongst all these mineral drugs, 32 of them are natural whereas the rest of them are artificial.
  • There are 7 drugs that do not get dissolved in water. However, when these drugs are heated, they emit vapor.
  • The Siddha System has individually performed the classification of metals and alloys which when heated, gets melted and while cooling, gets solidified. Such kinds of metals and alloys are gold, silver, iron, lead, copper, and tine. These are burnt down through special processes to use in medicine.
  • There is a collection of drugs that when heated, exhibits sublimation and contain mercury along with its diverse forms such as red sulfide of mercury, mercuric chloride and red oxide of mercury, to name a few.
  • In the Siddha materia medica, sulfur which is insoluble in water has found a significant place together with mercury for usage in therapeutics and in the upkeep of well-being.

The aforementioned classification of drugs puts on display in-depth knowledge and analysis of minerals that the Siddha System has developed for treatment. Furthermore, there are drugs that are attained from animal sources. The Siddha System has published a manual on the Siddha treatment for common disorders and illnesses. 

Last updated on June 2nd, 2021 at 08:30 pm