History of Siddha Medicine

It is difficult to trace the beginning of the Siddha system. According to the tradition it was Lord Shiva who unfolded the knowledge of Siddha medicine to his concert Parvati who passed it to Nandhidevar and he in turn to the 18 siddhars. Agasthiyar is the prominent one among the eighteen and some of his literatures are still in daily use among the Siddha Medical practitioners.

The knowledge of Siddhars which was orally transmitted initially was later written in palm leaf manuscripts, fragments of which are found in many parts of South India. Till half a century back most of the practicing Siddha medical practitioners were traditionally trained, usually in families, and Guru -Shishya. 

After Independence, in order to encourage traditional medical systems, the Government opened schools for teaching indigenous systems of medicine including Siddha. Today, Siddha is taught in Government as well as in private Siddha medical colleges in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Siddha medicine is also taught in two universities of Srilanka.

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