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Diagnosis and Treatment

The Siddha System of Medicine brings attention to the fact that the medicinal treatment is not just disease-oriented but also concerned with the patient’s age, sex, habits, race, diet, habitat, environment, mental frame, appetite, physiological constitution, physical status, meteorological consideration, to name a few. This consequently infers that the treatment needs to be individualistic in order to make certain that there is minimal scope of mistakes in the diagnosis or treatment. 

The process of diagnosis includes the identification of the root cause of a disease. This detection of the causative elements is carried out by the inspection of eyes, urine, pulse, tongue, body color, voice study, and condition of the digestive system. The system encompasses an in-depth process of urine inspection which comprises the examination of urine smell, color, quantity, density, and oil drop spreading pattern. Putting on display a holistic approach, the diagnosis involves the examination of an individual and their disease at large.

In addition, the Siddha System copes with the problems affecting the health of women. In the Siddha classics, a number of formulations are at disposal which can neutralize the complications faced by women while enhancing their quality of life. The care for women’s health begins the day a girl child is born. It is immensely endorsed in the Siddha System to breastfeed the baby for at least the first three of months of their birth. The Siddha System has faith in the principle of ‘food in itself is medicine’. Hence, in the course of the nursing period, lactating mothers are counseled to consume food that is rich in protein, iron, and fiber. Doing so will certainly prevent the mother and the child from any kind of nutritional ailments. The mothers are recommended to take simple prescriptions once in 15 days for deworming to prevent themselves from ending up in anemic circumstances.

The treatment of any disorder occurred due to infection or anything is individualistic after a thorough inspection of that specific patient. After the girl child experiences her first menstruation, a number of remedies of the Siddha System can prove to be fruitful for her as it will strengthen her reproductive system in order to ensure she delivers a healthy baby at some point in life. On top of that, there are various efficient cures available to look after the menopausal conditions, specifically the problems that are associated with the hormonal imbalance.

The Siddha System is also effective in treating the chronic cases of liver, anemia, rheumatic issues, bleeding piles, prostate enlargement, peptic ulcer, and skin disorders specifically Psoriasis. The Siddha Medicines containing mercury, lead, silver, sulfur, and arsenic are found to be very effective in curing a number of infectious disorders as well as venereal disorders. The practitioners have also claimed that the Siddha Medicines are competent in alleviating the highly excruciating problems that manifest themselves amongst the HIV/AIDS patients. At present, more research into the effectiveness of these medicines is underway. 

Last updated on June 5th, 2021 at 04:49 pm