Chemistry in Siddha

In the Siddha System, chemistry has been found well-established into science, supplementary to medicine and alchemy. The chemistry was found effectual in the formulation of medicine and in the transformation of simple metals into gold. The Siddhars had a high-level of knowledge with respect to plants and minerals and they were also well-familiar with nearly each and every division of science. In addition to that, the Siddhars were mindful of quite a lot of alchemical operations distributed into various procedures like calcinations, distillation, sublimation, congelation, fusion, fermentation, cibation, purification, extraction, liquefaction, metal incineration, separation conjunction/combination, exaltation (the process of refining gold), fixation (the state of repelling the action of fire or bringing to the non-volatile condition), and many more.

One of the essential processes in Alchemy is the Cupellation of gold and silver. This process is claimed to have been discovered by the Arabs, but the Siddhars have been familiar with it prior to their claimed discovery.

The Siddhars were also polypharmacists who involved themselves in the process of boiling, dissolving, precipitating, and coagulating chemical elements. To date, there are quite a few secret methods of Siddhars that continue to be a mystery. These secret methods are specifically the ones in fixing and combining some volatile elements like sulfur, mercury, vermilion, orpiment, arsenic, and a lot more, that could not repel the action of fire. 

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