Basic Concepts

Siddha Medicine is a traditional medicine having its roots in Tamil Nadu, India. It has been countless centuries that Siddha Medicine is being practiced. Siddha Medicine focuses on making the human body perfect and varies hugely from the other conservative forms of medicine. 

The fundamental and applied principles and doctrines of the Siddha System have a close resemblance to Ayurveda, with a specialty in latro-chemistry. According to the Siddha system the human body is the replica of the universe and so are the food and drugs irrespective of their origin. 

The Siddha System, has faith in the fact that all the substances in the universe along with the human body comprise the five basic elements which are known as earth, water, fire, air, and sky. The food and the drugs that the human body consumes everything is composed of these five elements. The proportion of the elements present in the drugs vary and their preponderance or otherwise is responsible for certain actions and therapeutic results.

The  Siddha System regards the human body as an assortment of three humors, seven basic tissues, and waste products of the body like sweat, urine, and faeces. The food, which is regarded as the basic building material of the human body is what gets processed into body tissue, humors, and waste products. The equilibrium of humors is deemed as health and its imbalance or disturbance gives rise to illness or disorders.

The Siddha System also copes with the theory of salvation in life. This system’s advocates believe salvation can be attained by the means of meditation and medicines. 

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