Preventive Treatment and the Concepts of Aetio-pathogenesis

The cause and expansion of a disease or an abnormal condition is called Etiopathogenesis. In Ayurveda, each and every stage of a disease or abnormality is deeply analysed. Ayurvedic treatment focuses more on health maintenance rather than quick treating. Ayurveda advises an individual to take prior measures before the onset of any disease, which will help in removing the chances of a disease occurring in the future. It uses methods that intervene at the pre-pathogenic phase of a health problem. Observation done in this way helps in preventing and treating the problem much before it takes a disturbing shape. This preventive treatment not just helps in maintaining the overall health system but also gives an opportunity to curb the disease at its initial phase.

If the body catches a disease, from its very birth to its final manifestation, the disease is operated by considering all the direct and indirect factors. Usage of medicines and drugs come in the picture in this situation.

Last updated on June 2nd, 2021 at 12:53 pm