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Panchamahabhutas are the five great elements that together make every element of this universe. These elements include Space, Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth. Each element has its unique characteristic and a major role to play in the formation of this world. According to Ayurveda, even the human body is composed of these five elements. Panchamahabhutas are directly associated with the health system of human beings. A balanced proportion of these elements in a human body is quite necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It is believed that these five elements can be balanced by the five fingers of a human being. There are mudras (yoga poses) to balance all five elements in the human body which ultimately balance mind-body functions. 

Existence of these elements in the human body:

Air (Vayu): It represents the gaseous form of matter present in the body. It also includes the energy formed by the several movements within the body like heartbeat, inspiration, and expiration. This element keeps the fire burning in the body.

Space (Akasha): It represents the hollowness of several parts like lungs, bones, mouth etc. It helps in completing the process of transportation and communication.

Fire (Tejas): Fire helps in the transformation and conversion of various matters in the body. It is responsible to maintain the temperature of the body, metabolism, sight power, and mental power. It plays a major role in converting food to fats and muscle.

Water (Aap): It represents various fluids or liquid elements in the body such as saliva, gastric juice, lymph, blood, and most importantly water. Water is one of the most basic and important elements that help in human survival.

Earth (Prithvi):
Everything solid in our body is represented by this element. Solid helps in stabilizing the water.

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