What are the future potential programmes of the Ministry of Ayush?

Ayush systems of healthcare is an important resource for public health in India. It represents the true culture and tradition of the country. The system is currently focused on the management of lifestyle-related chronic diseases and treatment of ailments of aging citizens. Both of the issues are the growing health concerns of India and have been deeply examined by this system.

Apart from this, some of the other important issues to be added in the activities of the Ministry include Medicinal Plant Board, essential drug list of Ayurveda, National Ayurvedic Hospital, induction of ISM component in major Allopathic hospitals and setting up Panchakarma and Kshar sutra therapy units in State level and Central Government hospitals.

Moreover, ‘Medicinal Plant Board’ will be responsible for the conservation and cultivation for justifiable usage of medicinal plants from administrative and technical viewpoints. The Ministry of Ayush would act as the nodal agency when it comes to operating in collaboration with other ministries like the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Commerce and Ministry of Law.

In addition to this, seven major areas would be covered to improve the overall Ministry:

  1. Improving Access to Ayush Healthcare
  2. Promoting Ayush Research
  3. Ayush Education
  4. Ayush Drugs and related matters
  5. Creation of Awareness
  6. Efforts for Globalisation of Ayush Systems
  7. Induction of IT into the Ayush Sector.

Last updated on June 4th, 2021 at 05:59 pm