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How should I access Ayurvedic Medicines?

In India, Ayurvedic medicines are regulated through the Drug and Cosmetic Act and rules. As per the guidelines of the Ministry of Ayush, a customer should buy Ayurveda medicines from a licensed manufacturer. These medicines are either available at the clinic of an Ayurvedic doctor/practitioner or a retail chemist. Just like every other type of medicine, Ayurvedic medicines require a prescription from a licensed doctor and can be availed by the doctor. In addition to this, retail chemists provide these medicines in two ways. Firstly, they offer pure Ayurvedic medicine and secondly along with allopathic medicines.

There can be some specific outlets that provide Ayurvedic medicines to customers. Apart from that, these medicines can be easily accessed at retail medicine counters.   

Last updated on June 4th, 2021 at 06:02 pm