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Can one take Ayurveda Medicine with modern medicines?

There are several Ayurvedic medicines that do not require any kind of prescription. These medicines can be taken along with modern medicines like Allopathy. In addition to this, Ayurvedic medicines are prescribed with allopathic medicines for the treatment of chronic diseases. Ayurvedic medicines are formed from herbs and minerals. There is no harm to consume common Ayurvedic medicine made from the herbal formulation. However, it is advised to take the doctor’s prescription while taking Ayurvedic medicines made from the mineral-based formula along with modern medicines to avoid any imbalance in the body.

Not just in Ayurveda, it is quite obvious in other systems of medicines to take advice from the respective doctors before taking drugs. Every medicine has its own quality but an overdose of any drug is harmful to the human body. All these factors make Ayurvedic systems of medicines more advantageous and beneficial.

Last updated on June 4th, 2021 at 05:25 pm