Ayush for Immunity Bulletin

Sr.No. Title Date Document
1IDY-2022 International Day of Yoga Newsletter2022-07-31Download (17 MB)
2IDY-2022 International Day of Yoga Newsletter2022-06-30Download (4 MB)
3IDY-2022 International Day of Yoga Newsletter2022-06-30Download (4 MB)
4IDY-2022 International Day of Yoga Newsletter2022-06-30Download (8 MB)
5IDY-2022 International Day of Yoga Newsletter2022-07-15Download (10 MB)
6IDY-2022 International Day of Yoga Newsletter2022-06-30Download (7 MB)
7IDY-2022 International Day of Yoga Newsletter2022-05-31Download (7 MB)
8IDY-2022 International Day of Yoga Newsletter2022-05-11Download (5 MB)
9Ayush-Watch December-20212022-04-30Download (6 MB)
10Ayush – watch- November, 20212022-02-07Download (4 MB)
11Ayush – watch- October, 20212022-01-26Download (6 MB)
12Ayush Watch- Sep 20212021-10-31Download (6 MB)
13Ayush-Watch – May-June-July 20212021-10-03Download (4 MB)
14IDY 2021 Ayush Newsletter Issue82021-07-31Download (5 MB)
15IDY 2021 Ayush Newsletter Issue72021-07-31Download (11 MB)
16IDY 2021 Ayush Newsletter Issue62021-07-30Download (12 MB)
17IDY 2021 Ayush Newsletter Issue52021-07-30Download (13 MB)
18IDY 2021 Ayush Newsletter Issue42021-07-30Download (7 MB)
19IDY 2021 Ayush Newsletter Issue32021-07-30Download (10 MB)
20IDY2021-Newsletter2021-07-01Download (19 MB)
21IDY 2021 Ayush Newsletter Issue22021-07-01Download (3 MB)
22IDY 2021 Ayush Newsletter Issue12021-06-30Download (19 MB)
23Immunity bulletin 2nd November2020-11-04Download (19 MB)
24Immunity bulletin 29th October2021-06-29Download (3 MB)
25Immunity bulletin 21st October2021-06-29Download (3 MB)
26Ayush for immunity bulletin 12th October2020-10-13Download (3 MB)
27Ayush immunity bulletin 5th October2021-06-29Download (3 MB)
28Ayush immunity bulletin 28th September2020-09-29Download (3 MB)
29Immunity bulletin 21st September2021-06-29Download (2 MB)
30Immunity bulletin 13th September2021-06-29Download (27 MB)
31Immunity bulletin 6th September2021-06-29Download (24 MB)
32Immunity bulletin 31st August2021-06-29Download (27 MB)

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